The Jakarta Post readers are the “top of the top”, positioned atop Indonesia’s socio-economic pyramid, both in terms of strategic position and economic income, as confirmed by a study we commissioned by AC Nielsen in May 2014.

The survey revealed that our readers are well educated and highly mobile, traveling routinely for business and leisure. This high mobility creates excellent opportunities for the tourism industry, including airlines, hotels and restaurants.

As members of the upper middle class, our intellectual readers consider financial security a top priority. They use various savings and investment prducts and are holders of multiple credit cards.

On transportation, our readers take a balanced approach between luxury and functionality in their preferred cars: 37 percent own two or more cars for daily use.

Our readers also rely on state-of-the-art information technology and gadgets to keep connected with work, friends and family.   

The survey also shows that reputation matters most to our readers, who opt for premium products and high quality services.

In short, they are the most affluent and influential members of Indonesian society. The Jakarta Post provides a strategic bridge to connect your business to these potential customers. 





The published rates are valid for the period from Nov. 1, 2017 to Nov. 30, 2018